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AFG-4 is a field-grade pyrotechnic hand grenade. It filled with dried peas, and made of foamed polyurethane and cardboard body. This "Flash-bang" imitation effect grenade is the scaled version of the AFG-6. Compared to the AFG-6, it has a lower sound report and smaller dimensions, which will allow you to use it indoors, and store them in standard 40mm ammo pouches. The ring-pull triggering mechanism is similar to a real grenade one, it means that it won’t ignite until the safety lever released. All parts include a safety lever made of highly safe polyurethane material and can't harm anyone properly equipped for the game or training. The completely new pyro-element provides confidence in use. Be assured that that dry grass or leafs will not be set on fire or if the grenade will not accidentally detonate in your hand – it will not harm you.* * - The possibility of accident detonation is extremely low, but it's not right to exclude it at all. We can warrant your safety if the grenade detonates in your hands – ONLY IF YOU USING PAINTBALL/AIRSOFT SAFETY MASKS AND GLOVES. CAUTION! – This is a pyrotechnical grenade. Always wear eye protection! Make sure that the use of pyrotechnics is allowed in your country. You must be over 18 to purchase or use the pyrotechnics. It can be used only in the official game arena. Follow the standard firework guidelines of your country.

Package bundle - 10 X AFG-4 stun grenades

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