FBG -6mini

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MAP    $ 120.00

Only for the professional LE and military activity, such as training or the “soft stun” effect. The sound report is 10 dB higher than at the rest of our other grenades.

Package bundle: 6 x “FBG-6 mini” hand grenades in a cardboard box.

These items are for professional use only, and require P-TOP certification to purchase. These items are not for consumer use. To purchase, posses or use these items, a person must meet all of the requirements for professional use only below.

The requirement for Professional Use Only is met by a person when they have the necessary knowledge through education, skill, training, demonstration, and/or prior experience to safely, legally and responsibly use articles pyrotechnic or fireworks. Professional use does not require that a person be employed or compensated to use Professional Use Only products. Professional use does not require use to be in commerce and personal entertainment purposes are allowed. Professional Use Only products may not be used by a person that does not have knowledge and training on how to use the products safely, legally and responsibly unless they are under the direct and continuous supervision of a person meeting the requirements of Professional Use.

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